Soils and Materials Testing

Soils and Materials Testing

Merit Engineering has an advanced laboratory with certified technicians that can quickly and accurately analyze a wide range of materials.

Soils Testing

  • Sieve Analysis
  • Modified Proctor Compaction
  • Moisture Content
  • California Bearing Ratio
  • Soils Classification
  • Plastic and Liquid Limits
  • Sand Equivalent
  • Consolidation
  • Density Testing with a Nuclear Density Gauge
  • Dynamic Cone Penetration
  • Test Pits
  • Proof Rolling
  • Auger Bit Drilling and Sampling
  • Soil Bearing Testing

Asphalt Testing

  • Rise Density for Asphalt Concrete Pavement
  • Density Testing with Nuclear Density Gauge

Concrete and Grout Testing

  • Strength
  • Slump
  • Air Content
  • Temperature