Groundwater Engineering Projects

Completed Groundwater Engineering Projects

Ocean Star Seafood:

  • Hydrologic Study and Monitoring Well Installaions for Wastewater Treatment Plant

ocean2Merit Engineering was retained to investigate the hydrogeologic conditions at the site for an on-site waste water treatment system. Merit conducted a hydrogeological study based on a literature survey and well logs collected by DOE and completed a hydrogeological report including groundwater level, type, flow directions and gradient. Merit also estimated groundwater conductivity and analyzed the extent of the groundwater contamination area based on an analytical groundwater transport theory. With Merit’s report, the waste water treatment system has been approved by the DOE. Merit also provided design service for installation of groundwater monitoring wells system for inspection of the groundwater quality. Merit provided technical support for installation of the wells by providing full observation service guiding the well driller to install the designed wells. Subsequently, Merit prepared a written manual guideline for groundwater monitoring procedures, equipment, quality control and a reporting guide

Ferry Brothers:

  • Hydrologic Study of Wastewater Treatment Plant


Olivine Corporation:

  • Groundwater Monitoring


City of Bellingham:

  • Hydrologic Study for Proposed Land Subdivision with Bellingham City Limits